Coal is the most abundant solid fuel available on Earth, with more than 20 billion tonnes in reserves and an estimated lifetime of 220 years. Despite Asia being the largest coal producer and consumer, Europe is substantially changing its energy mix and coal is playing an increasing role in electricity production.

Coal Trading

By the end of the first oil crisis in 1973 (well known as the Yom Kippur War), the OPEC countries plus Egypt, Syria and Tunisia proclaimed an oil embargo, which led to a sharp rise in fuel prices.

The pursuit of new energy sources led to increases in gas and coal trading as well as in the dry bulk industry. By the beginning of the 21st century, seaborne coal trading accounted for more than 300 million tonnes and today it is over 560 million tonnes. Major exporters are Australia, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa and recently the USA and Colombia.

Countries of Origin

South Africa


Europe Malaysia
China Pakistan
India Philippines
Taiwan Turkey

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