Aither Commodities is a Division of AitherCO2, the Italian leading provider of financial products to the environmental and energy markets. AitherCO2 was incorporated in 2010 to bring tailored solutions to private investors in the carbon market. In our inaugural year, we covered the entire Italian carbon market and established a solid presence throughout Europe.

Following an innovative trend, we doubled our employees and started our Global Commodities Desk, led by experienced professionals coming from leading investment banks and trading houses. The new division will cover deals from small to very large.

Through our activity on the carbon market, we have built a number of partnerships, such as utilities, cement companies and steelmakers, just to name a few. Our mission is to serve the commodity industry as a global player, following our clients both on the physical and financial markets. We provide supply, production and logistics support to satisfy our customers in every aspect of their businesses; concurrently, we offer professional and experienced support on the financial markets to hedge our clients’ exposure.

We earn each client’s trust in our traders’ experience and professionalism by minimizing the volatility of portfolios and achieving top performance on derivatives.

Our core business is the distribution and delivery of physical commodities worldwide, giving special emphasis to emerging economies—balancing their needs, growing their assets and matching their interests with those of developed countries.

Moving commodities worldwide requires genuine cultural knowledge, proven experience and a dedicated approach. These are the qualities that make our team your best partner.