Project financing

Our Project Finance division is responsible for the acquisition and structuring of cash flow based financing.

We help companies as they evolve in their financial needs, moving from pure equity-based financing to increased leverage through project financing. We design capital development plans and financing plans based on each client’s unique commercial, legal and financial needs.

We work directly with international lending institutions and private equity funds, providing technical and financial due diligence on new projects, feasibility study, debt and equity capital arrangement and project origination.

We have dedicated teams across a wide range of industries; our competences include economic and financial modeling, project research, negotiating terms for debt and equity financing. Well-balanced leverage, long-term planning, SPV incorporation and financing are all core to our strategy.

Capturing new opportunities, countries’ economic growth and increasing cross-border cash flows from emerging markets are the key drivers of our mission: the development of a country’s territory through direct investments in hard assets.

Today, the office consists of Mining, Renewable Energy and CDM Projects.


Increased demand for resources globally has prompted a new wave of investment in natural resources, especially in emerging markets such as South Africa, Senegal, the Congo, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and South America. The mining industry faces strong challenges every day: high prices, volatility, shortage issues, currency risk, new technologies, higher producing cost-curve and environmental problems. Furthermore, the need for new funding sources with adequate cost of debt has never been so urgent as it is in the 21st century.

Aither Commodities, through its Project Finance Team, is strongly positioned to assist and advise clients in securing innovative and flexible financing, discovering and developing new projects, executing new strategies of growth and pursuing a low volatility policy in natural resources trades. With a dedicated team in Milan and London, we are ready to support our clients from pre-investment business planning to financing, and from technical due diligence of the project to execution.

We offer:

  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Project finance
  • Mining M&A
  • Mining rights acquisition
  • Inventory financing
  • Mine Ddue diligence
  • Project feasibility study
  • Machinery procurement

We are committed to the mining industry and approach each transaction with a global view. We are especially effective in raising funds and assets for clients within emerging economies.

Presently, we are completing assignments for two mining projects in Indonesia for a leading Indonesian miner whom base facility is USD$60 million. An additional project is already in pre-investment.

Because of the reputation of our mining expertise, we are often called on to fill the role of financial agent in project finance.

For further information, please call our desk in Milan or London and we will be glad to discuss your project.

Renewable Energy

Project finance is a product specialty for renewables, from wind to solar projects and liquid to solid biomass. Aither Commodities is a leading provider of financial solutions for the Green Energy industry. Because of the reputation of our parent company, AitherCO2, we are often called on to provide technical and financial due diligence on solar, wind and biomass projects.

We specialize in acquisitions, joint ventures, structured tax equity and project finance transactions. Our clients include leading renewable energy companies and institutional investors in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We merge our deep knowledge of the markets with the execution of new projects worldwide.


Project finance and structured loans
IRR optimization
Asset consolidation
Minimum default risk
Cross-border joint ventures


Corporate finance and market awareness
Transaction structuring
Financial background
Biomass and solar energy
Worldwide network

At present, Aither Commodities has engaged in several key projects, forming a heterogeneous mix of biogas, woodchip, solar and liquid biomass. We will consolidate a short biomass chain in order to achieve lower supply costs and the best performance. Once we have secured the chain, we will deal directly with the EPC and with the local governments for authorization. The business plan is developed and structured inside Aither Commodities through our own platform.

In April 2012, Aither Commodities entered into an investment in two 1MWe biomass combustion plants just outside Milan, as described below.

1 MW Biomass Combustion Power Plant

Diesel Engine 4-Strokes Turbocharged and Intercooler MWM TCD 2020 V12
Engine mechanical power
Engine heating power
Gross installed capacity
Net electrical efficiency
Oil consumption
Operational mode
1032 kW
2522 kW
999 kW
0,722Kg/h +/-10%
Vegetable oil
Base load