Risk Management

In the current world economy, uncertainty is the principal driver of the market. Minimizing risk, reducing volatility and ensuring transparency in every transaction are key elements of Aither’s business model. Our analysts perform comprehensive risk position reporting on market exposure of your portfolio (long and short positions) based on: market prices; transportation and storage; consistent and rigid analysis of your counterparts: credit monitoring, financial due diligence, analysis and rating; analysis of the market conditions and all other factors that may have an impact on traders’ performances on physical and financial markets; and a credit analysis to measure your current and future exposure in a timely manner.

Our team utilizes our proprietary in-house risk management application, based on a wide range of analytical and statistical tools to measure reliability as well as the current and prospective market conditions.

Aither Commodities can also provide statistical analysis on historical price and volatility of API 2 and API 4, Newcastle Index, soybeans, palm oil and copper on the London Metal Exchange.