Aither Commodities has established partnerships with a leading international investment bank and a derivatives brokering desk in order to add unequivocal value for our clients. We provide 24-hour coverage on the major commodities exchanges. Our brokers provide analysis and suited solutions on Brent, natural gas, coal and emissions, developing structured products for individual and institutional clients. The energy product line provides utilities, power producers, risk managers and institutions with a comprehensive source for price information and liquidity. Reducing volatility and avoiding credit risk are the key drivers of our financial team as they work for you.

We can offer a wide range of tailored products:


Oil Products

Natural Gas


Commodities Investments

Buy-side portfolio structure for our clients

Vanilla Hedging

Contracts execution and portfolio re-structuring for plain and complex hedging structures

Structured Financing

Structure hard-assets backing facilities to generate short term liquidity and investments collaterals

Alternative Prime Asset Class Products

TThrough the Milan and London desks, we can structure alternative derivatives on CERs, EUAs and ERUs

Bespoke risk management and brokerage services are performed based on each client’s specific needs. All our hedging products include fixed price, index-based pricing, futures, swap and options.