We employ a British approach to business, recognizing every aspect of our company’s work as a source of knowledge, which allows our employees to respond to our clients’ needs. At Aither, the concept of trading is perceived as an art and a science—minimizing the risk, assisting our customers along their value chain, solving any logistic or production challenge and achieving excellent profitability are the columns of our trading desk.

Our Six Pillars:

Trading - Investments - Project Financing - Risk management - Derivatives - Technology.
  1. Trading: We cover four strategic areas: coal, biomass, fertilizers and raw materials, offering innovative and tailored solutions for those who are willing to take a position on the spot market or to enter into a long-term off-take agreement.
  2. Investments: After its first year of activity, Aither invested directly in its own biomass power plants with a capacity of 2MW. In 2013 we plan to invest in 4000ha of land in Europe in order to develop our own farms. The total investment will be in excess of 4Mln €.
  3. Project Financing: Advisory service on fund raising, budgeting and business planning. We focus primarily on developing economies including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Senegal, South America and Eastern Europe. Our target projects include mine development and financing, mining rights acquisition, power plant investment and agriculture.
  4. Risk Management: Economies across the globe are facing extreme challenges, with uncertainty a principal driver of the market. Aither takes a low-volatility approach through: credit monitoring, financial due diligence, rating and measurement of current and future exposure of your counterparts.
  5. Derivatives: Trading and hedging of commodity derivatives through direct access on the ICE, Aither mitigates risk of credit, to hedge your physical position and to make the market more liquid for your benefit.
  6. Technology: Through our partners in the United States, Australia and Inner Mongolia, we provide the most innovative technology to develop your mine: machinery and equipment, exploration, transport and coal upgrading.